Short videos and recordings of past events

Most of our training is delivered one to one through our Time Bank Scheme but our free webinar programme provides a good introduction to most areas of finance.

We are creating a library of FREE short, focused videos for you to watch on demand. Check back here as more are added. There are transcripts and timestamps available for these. Suggest topics for future videos by contacting us.

Tracking funds in QuickBooks using classes and donors (10 minutes)

Understanding balance sheets (16 minutes)


Here are some links to previous webinar recordings

QuickBooks: Introduction for beginners
Presented in November 2023 by John O'Brien

CIC or CIO - What's the best business structure for me?
Presented in October 2023 by Eva Stevens

DIY Bookkeeping and financial controls
Presented in September 2023 by John O'Brien

Using excel - Wednesday 12th July, 10.00 am
Presented July 2023 by Michael Fisher

QuickBooks Q&A
Presented in June 2023 by John O'Brien

Fraud and financial controls 
Presented in May 2023 by John O'Brien

Allocating core costs
Presented in April 2023 by John O'Brien

Understanding Accounts 
Presented in March 2023 by John O'Brien

Budgeting & planning
Presented in February 2023 by John O'Brien

Financial reporting
Presented in January 2023 by John O'Brien and Eva Stevens

QuickBooks - advanced use 
Presented in December 2022 by John O'Brien

Using excel
Presented in November 2022 by Mike Fisher

An introduction to QuickBooks Online
Presented in November 2022 by John O'Brien and Helen O'Hare

Being a Trustee
Presented in September 2022 by John O'Brien

Budgeting and Planning 
Presented in July 2022 by John O'Brien 

Understanding Accounts
Presented in April  2022 by John O'Brien