Tools for planning and budgeting

What are the full costs of delivering our service? How do we make sure all our overheads are financed? Is our proposed enterprise viable? How much does it cost us to deliver one hour of care support, and what price should we set?

We have developed a range of tools to help your organisation with these questions. They are free, but if you want us to come and do a training session, just contact us and we will explain the options.

Most of these templates make use of macros. These are short cuts designed to add flexibility. You will need to 'enable' these macros for the template to work fully. If you don't know what this means google it, or ask your kids!

Many of these tools use macros - these are usually short cuts to add new rows. You will need to enable these if you want to use them. 

Follow the links to download, put some music on and enjoy.